Nvidia Deal will Increase Computing Power Growth

The Chief Executive Officer of SoftBank has recently stated that Arm’s sale to Nvidia Corp will drive growth in computing power, in his 1st public comments since the 40-billion-dollar deal was proclaimed last month.

He commented at a virtual summit about AI which was hosted by Saudi Arabia, who is an anchor investor in the 100-billion-dollar Vision Fund, at which he restated his belief that Artificial Intelligence will transform society.

The Nvidia deal, part of a series of asset sales by the company’s CEO, whose group has been shaken by soured investments and the current outbreak, has elevated concerns whether it will threaten Arm’s role as an unbiassed supplier in the industry.


Image from SoftBank


He is ready to speak the upcoming week with Nvidia’s CEO at SoftBank World, which is the firm’s annual event especially for customers as well as for suppliers that are being retooled because it emphasizes investing.

The company’s growing cash pile is driving rumors about future investment plans, with the Vision Fund aiming at external funding for a blank-check firm, which the source said, in a sign, the group is retrieving its mojo.

The company’s Investment Advisers’ CEO which oversees the Vision Fund, has told that the market share gained by online commerce firms in the last 6 to 8 months is more than what the company gained in the last 4 years put together.