Fortnite 2020 Event Allows Players to Re-join the Match

Fortnite is presently running its Halloween theme known as ‘Fortnitemares 2020: Midas’ Revenge’ and it will happen till 3rd November. While this update is bringing various aesthetic changes to the game such as Halloween decorations, flying brooms, and many more, but there is going to be a major change in the gameplay too. Players who die during the match, they will appear as ghosts. This is going to work in solos, duos, or squads and users will get “otherworldly abilities” while they are playing as a ghost, or as per the game it is called, ‘Shadow’.

The game has introduced the latest gameplay mechanic that can make the enormously popular battle royale more stimulating. After dying in a match, players have appeared as ghosts or Shadows and they can again join the game to get revenge with other human players, or as called The Verge notes. As a Shadow, users can possess vehicles, turn invisible by not moving at all, and consume items to avert other human players from using it against the shadow. While users don’t have weapons to remove other players, users can melee attack them.

Users will also have the ability to scan for human players neighboring in this continuing mode in Fortnite. Users can identify human players by seeing a red indicator, in that way users can attack them or mess with them.


Image from Fortnite


With this latest mechanic, the overall approach to a happenstance may change. While few players become more casual as they know they can return into the game as ghosts, others might be more careful thinking if they kill any player, they can return to take revenge.