New UIDAI Building will be blast-proof


A building in Bengaluru is India’s first attempt at creating infrastructure that would stand the test of both manmade and natural disasters like terror attacks, earthquakes or floods.

Bangalore Data Centre, which will get CISF cover, will house the primary data (both demographic and biometric) centre for the entire country. The data relates to generation of Aadhaar cards.

The first building of its kind will be ready by 2014 and will house the Aadhar office in the region, according to a report in the Times of India. The building then, in essence, will be a data centre to house digital information. This will include Iris scans and fingerprints among other things.

The idea is to ensure that the data remains secure no matter what the cost. For the purpose of construction, the government has chosen Engineers India Limited (EIL). The building itself is being constructed near Tata Nagar Main Road, NH-4. According to sources in the EIL, the building will be made blast proof with category ‘C’ rating.

The principle aim, say sources in the government, will be to ensure fool proof protection of data that will be collected through the AADHAAR scheme. This will also mean that the data will not be impacted even in the case of explosions as the servers will be guarded by 500 mm thick walls.

According to Ashok Dalwai, an official with the UIDAI, the shell of the building is already now under Wipro Infotech control. The company will also be responsible for building the data center. The building is in compliance with all the environmental norms.

According to the report in TOI, the UIDAI center in Bangalore will become functional by March 30, 2014. Once the centre is operational, it will have the ability to store over 6 Pb (=49152 Terabytes) of data.