Celestron® Launches Skyris™ USB 3.0 Planetary Imaging Cameras

8081.Celestron-logo_900Get ready to explore the sky as a new horizon of creativity. For years, The Imaging Source has provided amateur astronomers with high-quality CCD cameras that elevate planetary imaging from a casual hobby into an art form. Now, Celestron, the world’s number one telescope maker, is thrilled to announce not only a landmark partnership with The Imaging Source, but the game-changing result of that collaboration: Skyris, a revolutionary new line of astronomical CCD cameras.

Designed for beginning and advanced imagers alike, each of the six color and monochromatic Skyris models reveals the solar system from a completely new perspective, allowing you to create stunning planetary images in crisp, high resolution. Superior internal components—including Sony® EXview HAD™ imaging sensors and high-speed USB 3.0 connections—result in great camera sensitivity with ultra-fast image capture. Capture more exposures in less time to record moments of the most stable air, resulting in the best image quality. Finally, the dynamic 12-bit image output dramatically outranges the 8-bit output of standard planetary CCDs.

It’s all surrounded by Celestron’s carefully engineered external camera housing, designed for improved heat dissipation to minimize the temperature effect on CCD noise. The included Celestron iCap software and stacking software (for Windows) aid with capturing, filtering, aligning, stacking, and exporting your best images.

Skyris is available in six optimized configurations:

618C and 618M are their fastest cameras. Use for color and monochromatic planetary imaging with long focal-length telescopes like Schmidt-Cassegrains and EdgeHDs.

445C and 445M feature small pixels to generate exquisitely detailed images. Use for color and monochromatic planetary, lunar, and solar imaging.

274C and 274M have the biggest sensors, field of view, and pixel array. Use for color and monochromatic planetary, lunar, and solar imaging.

Skyris is now shipping and is available through Celestron’s vast network of dealers. Please visit Celestron.com for dealer locations or more information.