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A Comprehensive Overview of AI-Driven InfoBOT by InfoMMC Pvt Ltd in Revolutionising Conversational CHATBOT

In the dynamic landscape of IT innovation, InfoMMC Pvt Ltd, a trailblazing software company based in Jaipur, stands as a beacon of excellence with its impressive portfolio of custom applications and ChatBots. Pioneering a focus on enhancing the ease of doing business, InfoMMC has been instrumental in delivering state-of-the-art e-Governance services to various Departments, Boards, and Corporations across Rajasthan, Haryana, and in NCR region. In this article, IT Voice delves into InfoMMC’s innovative approach, utilising OpenAI and Vector database technologies to enhance the eGovernance experience, focusing particularly on their state-of-the-art AI-based ChatBOT – InfoBOT.


InfoBOT Overview: At the heart of InfoMMC’s eGovernance revolution lies InfoBOT, a conversational AI ChatBOT fueled by the OpenAI ChatGPT Engine. Accessible through web and WhatsApp, supporting multiple languages and voice commands, InfoBOT ensures seamless communication for users, regardless of technical expertise. Key functionalities include dynamic interactions with DOCs/PDFs, analytics, API integration, web scraping, and serving as a HelpDesk for user support.

Technology Overview: InfoMMC’s robust technology stack encompasses Cloud/On-Premise Hosting Services, Vector Database Services, Development Services, WhatsApp Message Services, WhatsApp Middleware Services, and Open API Access Services. The AI backbone of InfoBOT leverages the OpenAI/ChatGPT Engine, supporting a multitude of international and Indian languages with impressive voice capabilities. Achieving an outstanding answering accuracy rate of 97.6%, InfoBOT adeptly handles diverse file formats, delivering responses with a human-like touch.

How it Works: Within the InfoMMC ecosystem, the Admin Panel empowers users to effortlessly upload documents/PDFs, seamlessly integrating with Document Management systems across diverse categories. These uploaded documents serve as a primary source of Vector Data, enhancing the generative AI engine’s operations through multidimensional embeddings.




The Operator Panel, equipped with a comprehensive dashboard, facilitates live chat platforms and seamless integration with eServices API, ensuring efficient and real-time interactions with users.



G2C & G2G Communications: InfoBOT serves as the catalyst for Government-to-Citizen (G2C) communications, focusing on the latest rule applicability, criteria-based rule application, and specific rules such as FAR in the Haryana Building Code.

Addressing Government-to-Government (G2G) queries, InfoBOT acts as a Ready Reckoner with reference guides, providing quick references during application scrutiny and streamlined tracking of references.

Conclusion: InfoMMC’s InfoBOT marks a groundbreaking stride in the evolution of eGovernance, showcasing the company’s expertise in harnessing advanced technologies for societal benefit. Through the seamless integration of OpenAI and Vector database technologies, InfoMMC has not only revolutionised citizen interactions but has also significantly enhanced operational efficiency for government entities. InfoBOT stands as a symbol of innovation, propelling towards a more accessible, efficient, and technologically advanced eGovernance ecosystem.

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