Bjhy113241AM272014The investment will power over 18,000 homes in northern India

BORG Energy India Pvt Ltd has announced its plans to invest $45 milliion in Indian market for the purpose of rural electrification and a slew of EPC projects within the next six months. BORG Energy India Pvt Ltd is a subsidiary of BORG Inc, USA known for its rich experience in Alternative Energy and Smart Grid Technology.

The investment will power 18,000 homes in northern India in next 150 days with solar power plants and Solar Farm Master Series Controller for irrigation projects. The technology is called BORG Astra Plus Home Series and has been designed in-house by the company. “We will invest $45 million in India within next six months. We commit $25 million for rural electrification projects using solar power and $20 million will be used for EPC projects in UP, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh. We have ambitious plans to install BORG Power plants in 2.5 million households in various states of India over the next three years. We are currently developing appropriate retail network of 220 Borg Power Play show rooms in India. BORG Play showrooms are BORG’s exclusive outlets offering experience zones to consumers.” Boaz Augustin Jr., BORG Energy MD, Asia Pacific was quoted as saying.

BORG intends on creating greater awareness for green and clean technology, highlighting benefits of solar power thereby reducing dependence on grid power.

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