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Instagram might permit your friends to contribute photos to your posts

Instagram is trialing various features, including a new collaboration tool for general users. This upcoming feature allows friends to contribute content to a user’s posts. Users will have the option to invite followers to submit their own photos and videos to be included in their feed posts.

Adam Mosseri, the platform’s head, announced the test, revealing that before sharing a carousel, users can activate the feature to allow their followers to contribute media. However, the user will have control as the submitted content won’t be automatically included. The user must manually approve each photo and video before they are added to the post. A button labeled “add to post” will be present in the bottom-left corner of these collaborative carousels.

This feature will be beneficial for shared experiences, like group vacations, where each person captures different moments. It will provide a way to gather all the varied pictures from a trip in one place, facilitating collective memory-sharing. Additionally, it will enable individuals to collaboratively post images of locations visited, enhancing the diversity of the content shared on Instagram.

Notably, Instagram already allows collaboration by permitting shared feed posts or Reels and lets users share and save media with groups of up to 250 people. Besides this, Instagram is also testing the option to use short, looping videos as profile photos in Notes, offering a unique twist to user profiles.

Adam Mosseri encouraged user feedback on the introduction of videos in Notes, inviting users to share their opinions on this new feature.

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