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New Updates To Notes On Instagram

Instagram is rolling out new updates to Notes, making it easier for you to express yourself, spark conversations, & connect with friends! Find ways to tap in with:

  • Notes Prompts  pose thoughts & musings with a prompt to get your friends and mutuals to chime in.
  • Notes Likes  quickly react to your friends’ notes with likes. To like a note, double tap the note or click the heart icon in the reply sheet.
  • Notes @ Mentions  get your friends’ attention by @ mentioning them directly in a note.

A New Web Layout For Threads

We recently started testing a new web experience for Threads that you can customize to easily find relevant content and share throughout the day. Today, we are making it available to everyone. You can keep things simple with a single column, or add separate columns for your favorite searches, accounts, saved posts, notifications and more. You can also turn on auto-update to see new content appear in real-time. We will continue listening to your feedback to make threads.net even more useful.

A New Way For Teens To Protect Themselves On Instagram

Our existing Limits tool helps people limit interactions – comments, DMs, tags, mentions – to their core community, like long-time followers or only people they follow back. This can be useful for creators experiencing a spike in attention or who want to focus on long-time followers.

Today we’re expanding Limits so people, particularly teens, can limit those same interactions to Close Friends. It can come in handy if you’re being bullied, or just switched to a new school and want to keep your content close.

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