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Google Bard now offers a setting for response delay similar to ChatGPT

Google Bard, an AI chatbot, is receiving an update aimed at enhancing response time. This enhancement allows the user to select between two modes of receiving responses. One is “Respond once complete,” which exhibits the full answer when generated. The new addition, “Respond in real time,” displays responses line by line, resulting in a seemingly faster delivery. This approach allows users to witness Bard constructing the response, ensuring they can read and assess it as it takes shape within the response box. This choice permits users to interrupt Bard’s response by clicking “Skip response” if the initial output doesn’t meet expectations. Notably, “Respond in real time” is set as the default setting for Bard.

Additionally, Bard recently acquired two other features. Firstly, within the Workspace Extension, it now offers better email summarization, improving the handling of multiple emails. Secondly, Bard is now equipped to comprehend uploaded images in shared conversations, enhancing the visual aspect of the responses. In shared conversations that include images in the prompt, the image will now be visible, providing a more enriched and contextual visual response.

In summary, Google Bard’s recent update provides users with control over response presentation, allowing for either instantaneous display or line-by-line generation. The added features also include improved email summarization and the inclusion of images in shared conversations for a more visually comprehensive response.

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