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Changes propounded to advance the internet’s immunity

The president of the United States of America recently met with attorney generals of 9 states. The meeting was held to discuss the legal immunity’s fate for internet corporations. It was done after the department of justice divulged a legislative offer aimed especially at restructuring a similar law.

Those 9 states were South Carolina, Utah, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Texas, Arizona, West Virginia, and Mississippi.



The department of justice had a call with the attorney general of the state. It was done to search Google’s possible breach regarding antitrust law and register a complaint against it.

Some people have charged Google with breaking an anti-trust law. They have found google abusing the online ads’ power and operating systems of android phones.

Although the department of justice will wait for 1 week as the different states will review the case and choose if they want to join in or not.

Donald Trump in a recent interview said that many American firms are barred via the random and spiteful implementation of rules.

The department of justice will also restructure Section 230. The effect of the proposal will encourage people to not show their feelings freely and also there wouldn’t be safer online experiences.

The deputy general advisor has said recently that moderation efforts like removing of cyberbullying and wrong information will result in proceedings.

Moreover, the online channels will be galvanized to recite illegal content and will push for lucidity on federal civil execution movements.