“Increasing the market footprint is also a step ahead to creating new business opportunities”- Vidhu Nautiyal, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer, CloudConnect CommunicationPvt. Ltd.

Jahnavi-  Considering CloudConnect gives us various advantages like comprehensive, secure mobile- first Business Communication Systems and so many more. How do you ensure to continue this and what else is it that you plan on including?

Vidhu- At CloudConnect, we offer a secure and scalable virtual workspace for hybrid teams with voice, video, messaging, and much more to create, collaborate, and present their work from anywhere. We keep upgrading our platform from time to time to provide seamless communication across all platforms, irrespective of the client’s location. We will soon also launch a solution where the customers can access the contact centre and PBX capabilities along with CRM integration on a single platform. It will ultimately save time and provide integrated reports to make informed decisions.

Jahnavi-  Considering growth is such a vital area, how do you manage to grow and change with time as the technology is expanding rapidly and the growth and change are the only way to stay consistent?

Vidhu- CloudConnect keeps doing things that help us stay relevant in the market and maintain the pace of growth among the industry. We take pride in USPs that gives us an edge over other players which includes:
1. Our solutions are capable enough and can enable massive scaling for smooth communication flow (upscaling and downscaling of employees/ teams)
2. Creating a visual workstation with a telephony collaboration solution for hybrid teams to be more productive and effective from anywhere
3. Working on AI-enabled solutions to carry out tasks efficiently
4. We bring more automation to our solutions that can help to predict outcomes based on the past data/ activities and can include more integrations with the software

Jahnavi-  Focusing on the fact that you are at all times innovating new and advanced products, how do you manage to come up with such ideas? What are the major criteria’s which you tend to fulfil whilst creating new products?

Vidhu- CloudConnect is a SaaS-based company with the aim to unify and cloudify enterprise business communication, Data Enabled & Mobile First Infra in India and Emerging Markets, regardless of Enterprise size and shape.

The primary criteria that we strive to maintain is
1. Always try to keep in sync and adapt new technologies like 5G, Artificial Intelligence and IoT
2. Scalable and reliable solution with a 24*7 customer support system
3. Meeting customer requirements and their satisfaction are our prime goal



Jahnavi-  What all marketing strategies are followed by the CloudConnect? How do you think and recognise which strategies are the best for your organisation?

Vidhu-  Last year, the company expanded its reach with the DoT license in Mumbai and Ahmedabad. We aim to increase our customer base while offering the best of our services. Increasing the market footprint is also a step ahead to creating new business opportunities and new ventures/collaborations. Also, serving our customers right and fulfilling their demands per their needs worked best for us and we want to continue doing so by ensuring that our solutions are scalable and affordable.

Jahnavi- How does CloudConnect ensure the satisfaction of its customers focusing the demands keep on evolving on a daily basis?

 Vidhu– Maintaining customer relations is critical for any brand to grow. We must gain their trust through our services which we keep on evolving. CloudConnect’s team maintains a regular communication with our esteemed customers, allowing us to serve them better in case of any new requirement or difficulties that may face. CloudConnect’s team works dedicatedly on all accounts keeping in mind to provide an appropriate solution at any given period. Additionally, we also ensure that our solutions are scalable and affordable meeting the needs of companies across a wise range of investment spectrum.

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