IBM Has finally Installed Linux On Power System Servers

Two years after announcement, IBM has finally installed Linux on Power System servers in company’s 54 centers across the globe. Earlier this year, company had announced the plan of investing billion dollars in Linux platform.

ibm_china_office_reutersIBM will be training developers to build applications on Linux system. Developers can use Ubuntu, Red Hat Linux and SUSE enterprise server to access parallel processing and virtualization features. IBM announced few new services in last week at LinuxCon. These services are expected to be run on Power Server Environment.

GM of IBM Power Systems, Doug Balog believes that, OpenPower Foundation has made Power system architecture open source. Developers can access the source of hardware and software solution set. These services are better than generic servers in datacenters. It’s the best tool for data analytics and cloud computing.

These services will help IBM to expand Power System expertise in various sectors. IBM can finally focus on untapped market segment of high performance, efficient and effective big data analytics. This will also ease the use of resources available at datacenter software and hardware.

IBM has recently announced two new datacenters in Australia. This new investment will be supporting company’s Softlayer unit which is focused on support and development of bare-metal cloud services.

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