Google’s Nexus Plans Depend On Motorola Decisions!



Google’s Nexus phones have always been on the top of rumours, whenever this rumour mill starts spinning. So speculations about the Nexus brand has found some fresh air now and it’s always hard to predict what’s coming forth. Now sources have revealed that Google is not planning to release just one Nexus phone, but two, along with the Nexus 9 tablet.

Phone Arena revealed this piece of news saying that Motorola is having a great impact on Google’s plans. Depending on Moto X+1’s performance Motorola will decide which version of Moto S will be released and that decision will influence Google’s Nexus plans too. Motorola is already testing the two versions of Moto S and which will release finally will depend on the sales of Moto X+1.

The 13.21-cm (5.2-inch) Moto X+1 may prove small for these days’ phablet using customers and then Motorola will launch 14.99-cm (5.9-inch) Moto S as it next release. Then Google may come up with its same sized Nexus X, which is said to be quite identical to Moto S. There is no confirmation about anything right now, though.

Lots of ifs and buts are roaming around but at the same time all these speculations seem quite feasible too. Google has confirmed that at least one new Nexus device is coming this year, but if there is something more to it, then just don’t get surprised at all. 

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