HG Genuine Orders Further Aixtron System For Fabrication Of III/V Optical Components

10122795_logoAixtron SE of Aachen, Germany, announced that Chinese company Wuhan Huagong Genuine Optics Tech Co., Ltd (HG Genuine), a developer and manufacturer of optical components, has ordered a 6×2-inch Close Coupled Showerhead (CCS) epitaxial deposition system. HG Genuine plans to use the system to fabricate light emitting and detection devices on indium phosphide substrates. HG Genuine products include: semiconductor laser and detector chips, active devices and transceivers, which are widely applied in digital communication, analog communication and optical sensors

Aixtron says its CCS 6×2-inch system is designed for research and production. Furthermore, Aixtron points out that processes developed using the CCS systems can be easily scaled up for deployment on the larger mass-production CRIUS platforms. The three-zone heater of the CCS provides best temperature uniformity standards, according to Aixtron.

HG Genuine’s Chief Scientist, Zhaozhong Wang, commented, “With the new system we will be able to carry out our planned expansion of capacity and to develop high quality epitaxy products. I am looking forward to another smooth ramp-up as well as the excellent service, installation and operation we have come to expect from Aixtron’ service team.