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Truecaller & Delhi Police conduct CyberWise training session to enhance safety in digital communication 

  • Cyber safety training session conducted for citizens under Delhi Police’s Yuva program
  • Training session to encourage citizens to take action by reporting online scams, fraud and harassment to Delhi Police

Delhi Police, in collaboration with Truecaller, organized a cyber safety training session for citizens, as part of their ongoing partnership aimed at preventing cyber frauds, scams and raising cyber safety awareness among citizens. The CyberWise training session was conducted in Hindi, and focused on empowering individuals under the Delhi Police’s Yuva program with essential digital safety skills. The training program included educating participants about fundamental digital hygiene practices, safeguarding personal information online, and tips to avoid cyber scams. Its primary goal is to reduce citizens’ exposure to online harm while fostering trust in digital communication.

In addition to raising awareness, the cyber safety training sessions encourage citizens to take requisite action by reporting online scams, spam, fraud, and harassment to Delhi Police. 

Caption: CyberWise training being conducted in the local language to equip participants with online safety skills at the Saket Police Station

Sharing her thoughts on the initiative, Ms Suman Nalwa, DCP & PRO, Delhi Police said “Delhi Police is actively dedicated to increasing cyber safety awareness and empowering citizens to stay safe online. Our collaborative efforts with Truecaller have successfully reduced the impersonation of Delhi Police officials by verifying official numbers through Truecaller’s Government Directory Services. Through the CyberWise training sessions, our mission is to provide citizens and young participants of the Yuva Programme with the essential knowledge and skills needed to make informed choices for their protection while harnessing the opportunities in the digital world.” 

Sharing her thoughts on the partnership, Ms. Pragya Misra, Director of Public Affairs, at Truecaller, said, “We are truly delighted to continue our mission of fostering online safety, with the Delhi Police, in line with the Government of India’s aim of making the internet open and safe, trusted and accountable for its citizens. CyberWise has already benefited over 1.6 million citizens nationwide, and we remain committed to contribute towards creating a digitally resilient community that can harness the internet’s potential while staying safe from frauds and scams. ”

As part of the Truecaller & Delhi Police partnership, a variety of initiatives have been conducted to combat cybercrime. These initiatives include a range of capacity-building measures for the Delhi Police, online safety training sessions on emerging cybercrimes, and verifying all official numbers of Delhi Police personnel on Truecaller’s Government Directory Services to tackle impersonation.

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