August 11, 2020

Here Are 10 Unique Features That Android L Offers!

  LLb9124236AM6282014Google announced Android L, the latest version of Android mobile operating system at the recently concluded Google I/O 2014. The company gave a glimpse of a few unique features that Android L will come with. Google has totally redefined the new version of OS in terms of performance, design and security. Let’s take a look at the 10 awesome features, that you will find in Android L.

1. ART

As we had assumed, Google finally ditched Dalvik and brought ART (Android run-time) as default option in Android L. Google had implemented ART as an optional run time in KitKat. Apps performance, loading time will get huge boost with ART implementation. 

2. User Interface

Google has totally redesigned user interface in Android L. This new design language is called Material Design, this adds more animation, shadows in apps. 
Navigation button icon have also got new tweak with this new UI. Google is also promoting Polymer Design language in order to have standardization in mobile and desktop apps.

3. Multitasking

The UI to select multiple running apps from multitasking menu has got 3D looks in Android L. It is inspired from Google Now’s cards. The UI is based on Material design language. Shadows and perspective are used to generate this 3D UI. Chrome browser in Android L will also get this 3D multitasking UI for switching between tabs.

4. Notifications

Notification bar has got new revamp in Android L. The UI of notification center is inspired from Google Cards. The stack based notifications will be displayed even when screen is locked. Users can read, reply, open these notifications without unlocking the phone.
Irrespective of running app, Google will pop up new notifications on top of the screen. This feature is called as Heads-up notifications.

5. Security

Google has developed the new technology to reset data of stolen android devices. Notifications in locked screen wont appear if secret mode is activated. Google has also introduced Universal Data Control which will let users set privacy settings for apps. 

6. Enterprise integration

Company working more on integrating personal and professional life on mobile platform. The next update will let users their official and personal data on same android device. Companies will be able to monitor and manage apps. Google has used Samsung Knox software in security setup of Android L.

7. 64-bit CPU

Google played smart move by following apple’s foot trails of bringing 64-bit CPU on a mobile device. Android L will support 64-bit CPU, which will let users use full available RAM.

8. PC like graphics

Google has spent lot of time in developing graphics of mobile platform. With Android Extension Pack which Google announced yesterday, people will experience PC like gaming on Android L.

9. Improved battery life

Google has special project called Project Volta, in which company is focusing on optimizing each subsystem of software. The extra services get automatically shut off when they’re not used. Device is expected to last 90 minutes longer with this feature in Android L.

10. Productive apps

Google announced Slide at I/O 2014. Slides is cloud platform for accessing and editing Microsoft Office files. People will get unlimited data storage for this service in $10 per month. 

source: EFYTimes News

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