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Haptik and MoEngage Join Forces to Transform Customer Engagement and Unlock Growth on WhatsApp

Haptik, the leading conversational messaging platform, is thrilled to announce its strategic alliance with MoEngage, a pioneer in insights-led customer engagement. The collaboration aims to revolutionize customer engagement and drive growth on WhatsApp, empowering enterprises to create insights-driven campaigns that improve conversions and revenue at scale. As part of this partnership, Haptik will co-present the upcoming #GROWTH Mixer by MoEngage in Mumbai on July 13th along with Shopify and Adjust.

By leveraging this integration, consumer brands will be able to send hyper-targeted WhatsApp notification campaigns at scale using Haptik as a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) within the MoEngage platform. The joint offering enables personalization at scale while ensuring precise targeting and thus enhancing customer experience and increasing conversions on WhatsApp. Furthermore, brands can analyze the performance of their unified campaigns, gain valuable insights and optimize strategies accordingly.

“At MoEngage, we have always strived to be customer-first with all our product lines and functionalities. Taking a step in the same direction of being customer-centric, we are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Haptik, to leverage the power of conversational commerce. Through this partnership, we aim to help our customers (India’s leading consumer brands) provide hyper-personalized communication to end-consumers using WhatsApp as a channel, drive higher conversions and business growth,” said Raviteja Dodda, CEO & Co-Founder, MoEngage             

“We are excited about this integration as it opens up new possibilities for enterprises to engage with their customers on WhatsApp. This partnership aims at helping brands increase funnel conversions, reduce customer acquisition costs, and drive business growth. We look forward to showcasing the value of this integration at the MoEngage #GROWTH Mixer Mumbai,” said Aakrit Vaish, CEO of Haptik. “

The #GROWTH Mixer by MoEngage is an invite-only conference for entrepreneurs, growth marketers, and product owners from leading consumer brands. An exclusive opportunity to learn about the latest trends, best practices, get expert insights, and success stories. The Mixer will be held on July 13th, at ITC Maratha, Mumbai.  

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