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Jio Haptik Launches AI-Powered Customer Platform ‘Contakt’

Haptik, an artificial intelligence startup and part of Reliance Jio Infocomm, has unveiled a dedicated platform for generative AI called ‘Contakt.’ This platform allows clients to build virtual assistants and back-end information support. Already experiencing several pilot deployments, Haptik mentions entities such as Upstox, Tira, Starbucks, and the Indian School of Business as participants in the testing phase.

According to Aakrit Vaish, CEO of Haptik, while the company was initially experimenting with generative AI due to the demand for smarter conversation platforms, it decided to introduce a separate vertical focusing on this generative AI platform due to market demand for enhanced chatbot offerings.

Contakt enables clients to handle text, audio, and image queries through chat interfaces. It utilizes OpenAI’s Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT)-3.5 and GPT-4 models by default, with the option for clients to access multiple Language Models (LLMs) as needed.


Introducing Contakt: Welcoming a New Era in Customer Experience with  Generative AI
Introducing Contakt: Welcoming a New Era in Customer Experience with Generative AI

Vaish mentioned that OpenAI’s LLMs are currently leading in the market, and the default deployments are based on them. However, as the market evolves, Haptik plans to optimize its offerings accordingly.

For the time being, the platform does not support audio-based queries via phone calls. However, Vaish noted that support for this functionality is expected to be introduced sometime in 2024.

Haptik’s move follows a similar announcement from Yellow.ai, which unveiled its own generative AI-powered chatbot platform in collaboration with Amazon Web Services on November 20. The increasing practical use of generative AI in business deployments is becoming a prominent trend, with stakeholders predicting more monetization opportunities for such services. John Roese, Global CTO at Dell, recently stated that these deployments would become more prevalent in the coming year.

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