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RTAF MentorKart Launches Groundbreaking Platform, empowering 100,000+ Students and Partnering with 100+ Universities

Real Time Angel Fund backed career and job tech platform MentorKart®, today unveiled its upgraded tech platform with the vision to accelerate India’s journey to become the skill capital of the world. With an impressive track record, MentorKart has successfully served over 100,000 students, providing them with the necessary skills and guidance to excel in their careers and become Job ready. The platform’s impact extends beyond individual aspirants, as it has forged partnerships with over 100+ universities and colleges with target to add 3000+ in coming years ensuring wide reach and accessibility.

MentorKart aims to solve a two-sided problem, both for employers and aspiring young professionals. MentorKart is also aggressively working on integrating Generative AI as technology to be implemented across platform to acquire, engage, and monetize at the scale.

Recognizing the importance of regional representation, the company has also onboarded 50+ partners in T2 and T3 cities across different states with aim to add 500+ in couple of years, facilitating local talent development. Moreover, it has also cultivated a strong network of over 1,000 mentors, offering their users invaluable guidance. The platform’s reach extends beyond its own user base, with more than half a million users accessing its services through the entire network, including popular job portals. 

Talking about the above, Ashish Khare, Founder & CEO MentorKart said, “Our mission at MentorKart is to transform lives and shape successful careers. With the support of Real Time Angel Fund and other investors, we are poised to revolutionize the job and Skill development market and bridge the gap between talent and opportunities. Our unique approach of bringing the entire employability ecosystem together sets us apart from others in the market. MentorKart, driven by a product-led growth strategy, is committed to directly providing employment opportunities to over 5000+ youth within the next 18 months. Simultaneously, we aim to skill more than 50000+ students, expanding our user base to over 1 million on the MentorKart platform. With our unique ecosystem Play approach and advanced tech platform, we are poised to revolutionize the way individuals acquire skills and connect with job opportunities, making a significant impact in the lives of aspiring professionals.” 

Adding to the above Pranay Mathur, Partner & CEO RTAF said, “We recognize the potential of MentorKart’s platform to revolutionize the jobs and skill ecosystem. Their impressive reach and impact on the Indian youth is a testament to their commitment to bridging the gap between skills and employment. We are proud to support their efforts in empowering the next generation of professionals. We look forward to watching the next chapter in MentorKarts journey unfold.”

 MentorKart’s strong employer network, consisting of over 100+ companies from different industries e.g., IT/ITES, FinTech, Consulting, E-Commerce, Retail, Logistics & Supply Chain, BFSI etc. provides a diverse range of career opportunities for job seekers. MentorKart is all set to target to raise Series A in next 12 to 15 months.

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