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GTA 6 is officially on its way, to be launched soon says Rockstar Games

GTA VI launch announcement (Rockstar Games)
GTA VI launch announcement (Rockstar Games)

GTA(Grand Theft Auto) , the popular game series , which involves driving, shooting, mafia world where characters are supposed to complete a storyline by completing missions based on killings, stealth and living in a city which has a humongous base for underworld goons be it GTA Vice City, GTA V or GTA IV. The game is officially back with its brand new game GTA VI , which would be nothing less than perfection as said by the publishers Rockstar Games and Take-Two interactives (parent company of Rockstar Games, responsible for overseeing the development of GTA 6.)

Last year some 90 videos rose up on the internet which were considered the official leaks of the next edition of GTA games, i.e. GTA VI, after which fans have been dying for this edition. Although GTA V was released way back in 2013, and considering 10 years as a longer time for a game’s life the game actually lived to its full life and is still enjoyed by gaming industry stalwarts.

The famous leaker Tom Henderson who works on Call of Duty has made a revelation on a video call that GTA VI is supposed to be launched in 2024 or 2025, and his reports were agreed upon by Bloomberg too. After Red Redemption 2, the standards have only gone up for Take-Two Interactives as now better graphics , designing and gameplay mechanism would be expected from the long rumored PC game. The leaks which appeared in the videos showed a female protagonist, which in itself is unique as for the first time Rockstar Games would be coming up with a female lead. The game is anticipated to be revealed at the PlayStation Showcase event 2023.

PlayStation Showcase Event 2023, May 24th (PlayStation)

I think that’s a challenge that the people at Rockstar face every time there’s a new iteration of Grand Theft Auto. It needs to be something you’ve never seen before. On the one hand, it needs to reflect the feeling that we have about Grand Theft Auto. That’s a big challenge for the team,Strauss Zelnick , CEO , Take-Two Interactives said in a YouTube interaction.

Female Protagonist expected in GTA VI (Image-: Rockstar Games)

The platforms on which GTA 6 will be released have not been disclosed yet. It is reasonable to expect that it will be available on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S upon its launch. However, the likelihood of it being released on older consoles will depend on the timing of GTA 6’s release. Historically, Rockstar games have taken several years to be ported to PC after their initial console releases, so it is possible that a similar timeline may apply to GTA 6 as well.

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