Apple will make its own Micro LED screens for the iPhone to move away from Samsung

Source: MacRumors

It’s no secret that Apple is working hard to create its own Micro LED display technology for mass production. In addition to the fact that Micro LED displays are considerably superior in terms of performance and dependability, the company hopes to switch from OLED/LCD panels to them in order to lessen its reliance on Samsung Display. According to a recent rumour, Apple is working more diligently than previously believed on the Micro LED technology.

A recent report from Nikkei Asia reveals that Apple is not only focusing on designing Micro LED display technology but has also developed specialized equipment required for manufacturing these screens. This move allows Apple to maintain strict control over the production quality of the panels, as it appears that existing suppliers may lack the necessary equipment to produce Apple’s Micro LED displays.

What makes this development even more intriguing is that Apple plans to actively participate in the manufacturing process itself. Specifically, Apple will handle the crucial “mass transfer” step, which involves transferring tens of thousands of Micro LED chips onto substrates. The exact reason behind Apple’s decision to delve into manufacturing processes remains unclear. However, it can be speculated that Apple aims to enhance its control over the production quality of these panels, ensuring they meet the company’s high standards.

By taking a hands-on approach to manufacturing, Apple is positioning itself to closely oversee the entire production process of Micro LED displays. This level of involvement signifies Apple’s commitment to delivering superior quality panels to its customers. As the technology evolves and Micro LED displays become more prevalent, Apple’s investment in both design and manufacturing may provide it with a competitive edge in the market.

In a departure from its usual approach, Apple is taking a more hands-on role in the production of Micro LED panels. While traditionally Apple outsources manufacturing to other companies based on its design and specifications, this time Apple is not only designing the necessary equipment but also actively participating in the manufacturing process itself. This signifies Apple’s strong commitment to advancing Micro LED technology and bringing it to the market.

Apple’s deep involvement in the manufacturing process reflects its dedication to adopting Micro LED displays at a faster pace. This development could potentially pose a challenge for Samsung, as an accelerated transition to Micro LED by Apple would mean losing Apple’s business for Samsung. Moreover, by developing in-house display panels, Apple can achieve cost savings, which may enable the company to reduce product prices. This would further intensify competition between Apple and Samsung on the price front.

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