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Google is altering how Pixel users leave the Android Beta Program

Fans of pixels are always According to Google’s announcement, the June Feature Drop test programme will begin on March 13th, 2023. If they don’t leave the programme by March 13th, Pixel users who are currently using the QPR2 Beta will automatically obtain Android 13 QPR3 Beta 1 the following week. The major news, however, is that Google is altering how to leave the Beta programme without wiping the phone.

Before, users who wanted to leave the Android 13 QPR2 Beta programme had to first run the QPR2 stable version before choosing to leave the Beta programme. But as of right now, they must first leave the Beta programme if they want the fixed version of QPR2.

Users must visit www.google.com/android/beta before March 13th and select on the rectangle labelled “View your eligible devices” to accomplish this. A picture of their Pixel smartphone with the words “Opt out” underneath will then appear. Essentially nothing else happens after they press the button. Opting out won’t require users to wipe their phones as long as they disregard all the other downgrade buttons. Users will still need to wait until the March Feature Drop, the stable version of the QPR2 update, is published later this month.

Users won’t get the final version of QPR2 if they decline to opt out. Simply select “downgrade OTA update” if they want to go back to the most recent release right away, but be aware that doing so will make users wipe their phones. Users will receive the QPR3 Beta 1 update on Monday if they do nothing, and unless they want to wipe their phones clean, they will be compelled to remain in the Beta programme until Google releases the June Feature Drop on June 5. Since this is a major change, Google is going to great lengths to ensure that users don’t unintentionally delete their data.

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