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Google Pixel has achieved a milestone with 40 million units shipped, including 10 million sold in the last year

Google has achieved the milestone of shipping almost 40 million Pixel smartphones since the Pixel series was introduced in 2016.

This achievement highlights Google’s growth in the smartphone market, although it remains a relatively small player compared to Apple, which ships over 224 million iPhones annually.

Despite its smaller market share, Google has been able to maintain and expand its presence in key markets like the US and Japan.

In Japan, Pixel is now the top-selling Android brand and is even gaining market share from the iPhone.

In North America, Google is the only smartphone brand that has not seen a year-over-year decline in shipments.

Google’s success can be attributed to factors like its emphasis on clean software, AI features, and timely updates.

It will be interesting to see how Google competes with established giants like Apple and Samsung in the years to come.

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