Samsung is likely to price the upcoming Galaxy A34 and Galaxy A54 significantly lower in certain markets

The upcoming Galaxy A34 and Galaxy A54 5G smartphones are currently undergoing formal launch preparations by Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy A54 5G will go on sale in India on March 16, 2023, according to the Indian division’s most recent announcement. There are many rumours about the devices, and renders have already been stolen and are being circulated online. The device’s anticipated price is also estimated to be around $430, which is on the pricier side.

However, according to the most recent information, even though the Galaxy A34 and Galaxy A54 will have greater than average prices, they will be offered at much lower prices in certain niche markets. The study discloses the cost of these devices for the Indonesian market.

According to rumours, the former will cost Rp 4,999,000 ($323) for the 8GB+128GB version, while the latter could cost Rp 5,999,000 ($388). Additionally, it is stated that the 256GB versions of these phones will cost Rp 5,999,000 ($388) and Rp 6,499,000 ($420), respectively.

The cost of the same products is marginally higher in Europe. The basic model of the Galaxy A34 should cost around $430, while the Galaxy A54 should cost about $520. The price between the European and Indonesian models is very different. Additionally, it is asserted that Indian versions cost 15% more.

Having said that, this report informs us that the area will have a significant impact on the prices of the upcoming Galaxy A34 and Galaxy A54. However, it is unrealistic to anticipate lower prices for smartphones given that the bulk of the market will see price increases.

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