google-logo-635A new report has emerged claiming that Google is considering adding business-specific features to its next Android iteration, aiming to challenge companies that already offer such services – such as BlackBerry, Apple and Samsung,.

The Next Web in a report citing the Information has claimed that the Mountain View giant is making an effort to make its Android OS more striking to business and corporate users, apart from regular Android users – with whom it has been very successful. The original report cites a source involved with Google’s upcoming plans who claimed the company is developing business-specific features in the next Android version.

The report adds that Sundar Pichai, Senior Vice President at Google in charge of Android, Chrome and Google Apps, is leading the initiative to enhance security and add new possible features to Android’s next OS version.

Some of the new features that Google is said to be working on for Android include strong data encryption; sensitive user data directly stored on to chips; better authentication features (biometric) and new APIs (application programming interface) allowing remote wiping of files from devices and apps.

Earlier this month, Google rolled out encrypted Gmail service, in an attempt to thwart snooping. The company revealed that Gmail would use an encrypted HTTPS connection when you check or send email.

A report on Tuesday suggested that cybercriminals could exploit Android-based smartphones and tablets using bugs that could cause devices to become unresponsive or unusable. Google is yet to respond to the new vulnerability of Android smartphones and tablets.

The Android KitKat’s successor, which is yet to be named, could be revealed at Google’s upcoming annual developers’ conference, I/O 2014. Google announced the dates for its annual developers’ conference, I/O which is scheduled for June 25 to 26 in February 2014.

Notably, Samsung has been also pushing its Knox security service for its smartphones and even responded criticism surrounding its service. The Korean giant had also mentioned some tips and tricks on how users could avoid compromising important data on their Knox-enabled handsets.

An earlier report suggested that BlackBerry’s Enterprise Service was safer than Samsung Knox.


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