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Tech Company Amazon’s Audible Division Lays Off Employees; CEO’s Full Memo Released

Amazon’s audiobook and podcast hosting division, Audible, is set to reduce its workforce by approximately 5%, following a broader trend of layoffs within Amazon’s units, including Prime Video, MGM Studios, and Twitch. This move is aimed at positioning Audible for sustained success in the future. CEO Bob Carrigan announced the decision in a memo, expressing gratitude for the team’s hard work in delivering outstanding listening experiences to customers in 2023. Despite the challenging landscape, he emphasized the importance of the decision to ensure efficiency and competitiveness.

The layoffs, affecting about 5% of Audible’s workforce, are part of Amazon’s larger restructuring efforts, which began in late 2022 and resulted in over 27,000 job cuts across various sectors. Carrigan assured employees that the decision was made after careful consideration and aligns with the company’s commitment to its People Principles, particularly the principle of Activate Caring. The goal is to operate more efficiently and leaner to continue providing top-notch audio storytelling experiences globally.




Amazon cuts 5% of Audible division's workforce
Amazon cuts 5% of Audible division’s workforce

The CEO acknowledged the impact on both departing and remaining employees, recognizing the difficulty of saying goodbye to talented and dedicated individuals. Those affected by the reduction have already received meeting invites for discussions with HR business partners and team leaders. Carrigan expressed appreciation for the departing employees’ contributions and emphasized the company’s commitment to supporting them as they seek new opportunities.

The decision to reduce the workforce is framed as a response to the increasingly challenging business landscape and the need to adapt to changes in the industry. Carrigan emphasized that making Audible more efficient is crucial for long-term success. The company aims to sustain its momentum, remain a leader in audio storytelling, and continue global growth.

Carrigan assured employees that more information about the company’s future plans and the road ahead would be shared at the upcoming Global Allofus meeting in January. The memo reflects the tough decisions many companies face as they navigate changing industry dynamics and work to position themselves for sustained success in an evolving market.

In summary, Amazon’s Audible division is undergoing a strategic reduction in its workforce, affecting about 5% of employees. The decision, announced by CEO Bob Carrigan, is part of broader restructuring efforts within Amazon and aims to ensure the company’s long-term success in the face of industry challenges. Carrigan expressed gratitude for the team’s contributions and emphasized the company’s commitment to supporting departing employees during this challenging time. More details about Audible’s future plans will be shared at the upcoming Global Allofus meeting in January.

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