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Exclusive Interview with Mr. Ashish Jha, Marketing and Communication Manager, Fuji Electric India Pvt. Ltd.

Exclusive Interview with Mr. Ashish Jha, Marketing and Communication Manager, Fuji Electric India Pvt. Ltd.
Exclusive Interview with Mr. Ashish Jha, Marketing and Communication Manager, Fuji Electric India Pvt. Ltd.

Here’s the interview snippet from the interaction with Mr. Ashish Jha, Marketing and Communication Manager, Fuji Electric India Pvt. Ltd.

Khushagra: Which are the industries Fuji Electric’s products have a strong presence and which all industries are you focusing on as part of your marketing campaign?

Ashish: Fuji Electric is a Global energy & Automation solution provider headquartered in Japan with a turnover of USD 9 billion in 2021. Since our inception in 1923, we have spread our operations to more than 100 countries globally. Today Fuji Electric has 212 sales offices with 25+ Manufacturing Facilities worldwide to cater to its customers’ energy and automation requirements.

We have a deep product portfolio with over 4 lakh products ranging from small Semiconductors to larger Power Plants to meet the needs of our customers, However, in India, we offer solutions for Power Backup, Engineered UPS, Power Conditioning, AC Drives, Solar & Energy Storage, Power Semiconductors, Electrical Distribution & Control, Motion Control, Instrumentation and Process Automation.

We at Fuji Electric India are committed to adding value for our customers through environmentally friendly products that maximize energy efficiency, highlighting our Brand promise of Innovating Energy Technology. As a leading global provider of Energy and Automation solutions, we enjoy a good market share in India for UPS, Power Quality, AC drives, Factory Automation, and Instrumentation products and solutions.

As part of our marketing strategy, we at Fuji Electric aspire to be the most preferred brand for providing Energy and Automation solutions to critical applications. We aim to create a distinctive imprint on customers’ minds so that they identify our brand by the quality and innovative solutions we offer from Fuji Electric, which separates us from the rest of the players. We also believe that with our innovative solutions and effective engagement with our customers, Fuji Electric is able to develop solutions that answer the customer’s key challenges.

Khushagra: What current strategies have you opted to reach out to your targeted audience and has digital marketing been a huge factor in achieving the company’s overall brand objective?

Ashish: We are seeing an era of digital disruption as technology evolved exponentially, helping organizations to evolve along with it The availability of data coupled with a wide variety of digital channels offers substantial opportunities for a marketer to reach the customer in real-time.

Digital marketing has become the new norm for a successful business, and if you do not participate in it, your company will not grow in the future. In terms of opportunities and growth, digital marketing is highly beneficial to businesses.

Fuji Electric in India has been active in the digital space in a big way, and this has paid rich dividends to the company expanding its space in the market and penetrating our reach in all the segments.

Fuji Electric India

Khushagra: What is the USP of your brand Fuji Electric? What are your marketing tactics and strategies to target the audience in the Indian market?

Ashish: We at Fuji Electric are focused on strengthening our Indian manufacturing capabilities and advocate the unique USP concept of local design and local production for local consumption to improve quality standards and productivity at each base nationwide. We believe in making products that seek harmony with environments that customers can rely on.

We are in India with a powerful global reputation and brand name in the power generation and IT field. India needs solutions with the ‘green’ edge as one of the prime focuses of Indian industry is on environment protection and cutting out greenhouse gases. Here, Fuji’s philosophy of manufacturing environment-friendly products dovetailed with India’s industrial DNA.

Khushagra: Marketing automation is going to be vital element for the all the marketing teams in the working industry, how does your team utilize the marketing automation for a better customer journey?

Ashish: Embracing marketing technology is undeniably essential for the modern marketer. Especially in today’s era, where automation is the lifeblood of every business environment. Therefore, marketing automation will continue to be an essential building block of productivity for any business across industries.

We at Fuji Electric are pioneers in adopting digital technology and want to enhance our customer experience.

As we are aware, today, your customers expect more and want it fast and wanted to know you value them. Their automation helps us better understand and meet these needs and improve the buyer experience. We have partnered with SAP for the Marketing Automation that helps us be more personalized, connect with our customers across many channels, understand their needs, and improve relationships.

Khushagra: Digital Marketing has taken a huge shift and boom for a couple of years now, how are you benefitting from the same, and which aspect of digital marketing has room for improvement?

Ashish: Companies that sell products or services to other businesses or organizations have little option other than to use digital B2B marketing strategies today. Enhancing reach, ease of operations, time-saving solutions and multiple simultaneous interactions can only be achieved through Digital marketing and exchange.

The global village concept has come alive today as never before, and modern technologies, ideas and upgrades have become simple and smooth via digital platforms.

But this has also brought problems like phishing, data theft, and other security-related issues. Therefore care must be taken to protect company secrets and assets while dealing with strangers and even known people via these platforms when one indulges their company in digital marketing.

We alike almost every other company today have leveraged social media as a tool for marketing, to help people understand our products better, to make people aware of the benefits that comes along and as I said earlier world is a global village and through digital marketing it’s been easy for us to reach more number of clients/customers at a faster pace.

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