India’s power sector is witnessing a lot of transformation. Present demand in the market is to have high level of power quality along with continuity to ensure uninterrupted business operations – Deenathayalan KG, Fuji Electric India, Full Interview

Deenathayalan KG, Country Head Sales for Fuji Electric India

Deenathayalan KG, Country Head Sales for Fuji Electric India

Below is a snippet from an interaction between team IT-Voice and Deenathayalan KG, Country Head Sales for Fuji Electric India.

Prateek: The pandemic has affected businesses globally. How did Fuji Electric respond to this sudden change?

Deenathayalan KG: Fuji Electric in India serves customers across a wide range of industry segments to meet their Energy and Automation needs with products and solutions for power backup & conditioning, variable frequency drives, instrumentation, and process automation solutions.

The pandemic definitely affected the manufacturing and building segment but as Fuji Electric in India, we saw growth from Healthcare and Packaging Industry where the demand for uninterrupted power and automation has increased multiple folds as these segments have been expanding and upgrading their existing systems. We have supported various organizations for their essential service with uninterrupted power and automation needs during the lockdown period. We have executed a large order to provide UPS power backup for a ventilator project of National importance apart from supporting many Medical OEMs and Hospitals for their project requirements during the pandemic.

Prateek: Which segment has brought the most traction for the organization?

Deenathayalan KG: Fuji Electric carries a century-long track record for innovation and we are committed to bring in advanced Energy and Automation solutions designed for different business segments like Data Center, IT&ITES, Smart Cities,  Healthcare, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, and Telecom.

We see robust business growth from segments like Data Center, IT&ITES, Healthcare, Process, and Manufacturing. Government initiatives like Digital India, data privacy, and storage of data locally are creating more demand and need for robust, reliable, and efficient power supply. We are focussing more on supporting the data center customers to achieve high reliability and energy efficiency with our Industry leading UPS solutions. Fuji Electric is the leading Datacenter UPS supplier in Japan and now becoming the preferred choice of Datacenter operators in India.

We also offer critical power solutions which are uniquely designed to support the critical power supply need in Health care and also offer robust and reliable power backup solutions for Manufacturing in which we are recognized as a leader in the market.

Prateek: In India, power conditions are still a major concern. how Fuji Electric is answering the concern of power conditions?

Deenathayalan KG: India’s power sector is witnessing a lot of transformation due to significant reforms by the Government of India. Present demand in the market is to have high level of power quality along with continuity to ensure uninterrupted business operations.

To answer the challenges of power conditions in the existing infrastructure, we have Active Harmonics Filters (AHF) to support from Small to Large scale infrastructure and Isolated Power Supply to support the Medical infrastructure for very critical applications. To provide uninterruptible and reliable power to critical equipment in any new infrastructure, we have UPS solutions from 1 kVA to 600 kVA as a stand alone solution and in the parallel configuration, we can support up to 4.8 MW. We also support Data Center Specific solutions with a Power Distribution Unit (PDU) for monitoring power quality and power distribution.

Prateek: Post pandemic, how do you see the growth of Line Interactive UPS in India?

Deenathayalan KG: During Pandemic, remote work and unforeseen power problems pushed the growth of Line Interactive UPS multifold as everyone started working from home including Schooling from home. To ensure uninterrupted Work or School from Home, the system, and network need to be kept ON with uninterruptable power. This trend is expected to continue even when offices or Schools open up.

The usage of Multimedia devices and other Electronic equipment has become more sophisticated and it has become essential to keep them running with clean power and also provide a power backup. In addition, the Retail segment is growing where Line-interactive UPS is required for Billing systems and Emergency Lighting. Therefore, the growth of Line-interactive UPS in the Indian market will continue to grow.

Prateek: What will be the company’s plan while formulating policies in the Indian market?

Deenathayalan KG: We at Fuji Electric have more than three decades of experience and a clear understanding of the Indian power conditions, which are one of the most critical & challenging in the world. Our products are designed, developed, and manufactured in India by the vetarans in the Industry who have the understanding & knowledge of India power requirements backed up by technical support from Japan. The Indian experience couple with Japanese technology enables Fuji Electric to offer robust products which are  designed to perform in the most critical & challenging power conditions prevalent in India.

Fuji Electric Products are approved by International, National & Regional Consultants, PMC’s, System Integrators, Contractors, and many Customers resulting in a strong position for Fuji Electric in 3 phase UPS segment which  has enabled us to become a leader in the market.

For Fuji Electric India, it is our strong domain expertise, dedication to serving the power electronics market, and the desire to bring in world-class solutions, that automatically creates a competitive advantage and help us emerge as a formidable player in the power backup sector.

Prateek: What is your take on India’s power sector as government is pushing the smart city and infrastructure upgrade?

Deenathayalan KG: We are already part of many Infrastructure Projects, which were planned and executed, and also part of many new projects in the pipeline. We have worked closely with all the System Integrators across India where we provided proven solutions for Smart City and Safe city solutions and executed more than 15 Smart & Safe cities projects along with our Energy and Automation division product basket.

Government investments in the Infrastructure & Safe City Smart cities have helped us to grow at a faster rate than planned and which is expected to be continued

We at Fuji Electric are prepared and ready to support the installation, maintenance, and service with 24*7 service support teams across India as part of our value-added services.

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