“No matter what kind of goal you set, ensure you have a way to keep track of your progress.” – Ashish Jha , Marketing & Communication Manager – Fuji Electric India

Jahnavi- What all marketing strategies are followed by FUJI Electric India? How do you think and recognize which strategies are the best for your organization?

Ashish- The business world of marketing is constantly changing. Digital marketing has given B2B marketers a lot of options for putting their plans into action. At Fuji Electrics, we have built some effective B2B marketing campaigns around two basic rules.

Rule no.1 Be clear when you promote your brands and solutions. For a marketing strategy to work, it needs to be simple. Too often, the message gets lost in the chaos of industry jargon.

Rule no. 2 of B2B marketing is to solve the customer’s problem.
We follow customer-focused marketing, which determines customer needs and wants to drive the working force behind the company’s products or services. The market is now based on communication, and a lot of that communication happens through virtual channels driven by technology. So, mastering these technology platforms and fully integrating them into our marketing process is becoming a core skill for marketing leaders in all industries, not just ours.
At Fuji Electric, we use various channels like social media, email marketing, and account-based marketing, which is a great way to create brand awareness and add potential customers to the business’s pipeline. Social media is a big way for millions of people to get news and information, so it’s an integral part of our marketing plan

Jahnavi- Has the digital marketing been a vital way to achieve the general brand objectives? Also, what strategies help you reach the directed audience?

Ashish- Yes, digital marketing has become an integral part of the business in less than a decade. A perfect digital marketing strategy helps businesses to use online tools to achieve the objectives like finding new customers and possible leads and building brand awareness and credibility by getting users involved. As digital channels offer many ways to get engaged with your audiences, turn followers into customers, and create brand awareness by sharing knowledge and information to the audiences.
Reaching the directed audience is the process of using data to know how to prospects and offering the right solutions to answer their key challenges. We follow target audience analysis which is one of the essential parts of any marketing plan because it tells you who your audience is and who it isn’t.

Jahnavi- Next year you going to complete 100 years of Business, Please highlight what are your company’s core business overview and objectives?

Ashish- Since our foundation in 1923, Fuji Electric is pursuing innovation in energy and environment technology to make broad contributions to the world in the fields of industrial and social infrastructure. In addition, we are now working to realize a responsible and sustainable society through our energy and environment business by offering renewable energy solutions, as well as power stabilization, energy saving, and automation solutions, in order to help achieve the worldwide goal of a decarbonized society. Fuji Electric’s strength is its ability to independently develop and manufacture power semiconductors as key energy-saving devices. We utilize these devices in our power
electronics equipment and offer customers comprehensive engineering services that integrate these products. By leveraging our strengths, we are contributing to the realization of the worldwide goal of a de-carbonized society.

Jahnavi- Do you think social media can be considered as a tool for marketing? How are you, as a company focusing on the same?

Ashish- Of course, social media is an essential tool for marketing. B2B companies have learned the hard way that just being on social media isn’t enough. It would be best to plan a content strategy to make more people aware of your brand on social media and get more impressions. We focus on creating strong content that makes our social media more organized and impactful. Still, it’s important to say that social media isn’t a magic way to drive sales and get your brand known. Without planning, you will probably get a bad return on investment (ROI) if you spend money and time on social media. We should make a real effort to join conversations on social media, add value to their customers, and show your brand in the best possible way. The goal is to ensure that every potential client has seen your brand before you talk to them for the first time.

Jahnavi- What all services are offered by the FUJI Electric and how do they benefit its customers?

Ashish- Fuji Electric is dedicated to energizing its core power semiconductor and power electronics technologies. By combining engineering services, optimal control technologies, and IoT technologies developed through frontline operations with high-quality equipment that uses key devices. Fuji Electric makes products that help create a sustainable society by developing new ways to use energy and protect the environment.

Jahnavi- What is the foremost vision of the company and what all factors are to be considered for it to be successful?

Ashish- Our corporate philosophy and management policies point in the same direction as the goals of society as a whole. So, we are committed to working with our customers and business partners to help solve social and environmental problems by making products and systems that use electricity and heat in the most efficient way possible. In line with our company slogan, “enthusiastic, ambitious, and sensitive,” we will use the combined strengths of teams made up of people from different backgrounds to help build a sustainable society through our energy and environment businesses.

Jahnavi- Which all industries are you concentrating on as measure of your marketing campaign?

Ashish- Through various innovative solutions, we focus on several industries to become more productive and improve efficiency through careful planning and execution. With our vast range of products and years of experience installing and starting up different projects, we help customers in the short and long term. By bringing in Fuji Electric during the design and planning stages, companies can save money and time when they start up. Whether it is smart
buildings, data centers, healthcare and pharma, renewable energy projects, ports, and manufacturing.

Jahnavi- How do you focus on and decide upon the long-term marketing goals?

Ashish- Setting long-term goals gives you the structure of your vision and the power to work on them strategically over time, even if they seem out of reach. We follow 5 steps plan, which has helped us to stop dreaming, execute plans, and finally reach our big goals.

Five steps are,

1. Write SMART goals,

2. Classify your goals

3. Split long-term goals into short-term goals,

4. Create a strategy to track your progress, and

5. Be flexible. No matter what kind of goal you set, ensure you have a way to keep track of your progress. When you can see how your short-term goals help you reach your long-term goals, you’re more likely to stay motivated and on track.

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