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European Union’s Action Against Apple In Ireland

The European union’s lower court’s verdict has now gone to the highest European justice court. The decision is expected not before the year 2021.
On 25th September, the European Union has appealed to the main hindrance at a European court. The court has canceled a Brussels order in which Apple has to repay Ireland thirteen billion euros in back taxes.

The competition commissioner has said that the commission has respectfully considered the judgment and has agreed that the General Court has made numerous mistakes.
The decision has now gone to the highest European justice Court of Justice and will not be revealed before 2021.



The order was delivered in August of the year, 2016 by the competition commissioner. Apple’s CEO will review the appeal when they will receive the order. Although, factual conclusions won’t be altered and it will be proved that Ireland follows all the rules and regulations.

The European Union had accused Ireland back in the year 2016. The accusation was made because Ireland allowed the company, Apple to park income earned in the European countries, Africa, the Middle East, and India. Also, it has sparred Apple almost with any taxation.

Brussels has agreed with the fact that with this move made by Ireland, Apple has been given an advantage over other businesses. Due to which Irish taxes have been avoided between the year 2003 and 2014 of around thirteen billion euros.

The European Union officials have contended with the fact that Ireland has established illegal state aid.
The competition commissioner has said this in a statement that competition in European countries is harmed if certain multinational company tax benefits are given.
“There’s more work ahead, including to make sure that all businesses, including digital ones, pay their fair share of tax where it is rightfully due.”