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Thailand Takes Action Against Two Social Media Giants

Thailand’s Ministry of Digital Economy and Society registered licit protests with cybercrime police of the country against Facebook and Twitter. It was filed because these organizations missed time limits to obey fully with court-issued takedown orders.

Actions were not taken against google as YouTube removed the content.
It is also said that the cases can be annulled if representatives are sent to negotiate the matters.
The content’s details were not declared or weren’t revealed in which laws were violated. Also, the complaints were registered against the united states-based companies.

Cybercrime police have said that existing laws need to be looked at. It will be done to regulate if the jurisdiction is supposed to take up cases against organizations that are not from Thailand.
Manushya Foundation’s executive director has recently said that those complaints are a way to scare these multinational companies.

The ministry of the country will list supplementary requests that will ask companies including Facebook, Twitter, and Google, to eradicate more than three thousand items.

Both the social media platforms have declined to comment regarding the topic. Whereas Google did not answer to the request that was made for the company to comment.



The country has a tough law that prohibits anyone to insult the monarchy and also has a Computer Crime Act that bandits data which is considered to be false or has known to affect the national security of the country.

In the current years, establishments have registered orders from court with requests to social media platforms to limit or eliminate professed royal invectives.

The ministry has too registered a different cybercrime protest against 5 people who were reported to have criticized the Facebook and Twitter’s monarchy during a main anti-government march on the weekend.