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Apple Launches Apple Mask for Their Staff

The mega technology giant, Apple has established a self-made mask for its staff in order to prevent them from the corona’s unfold. It is the 1st such product created by the Company for its staff (especially for those who work on either Phones or iPads or both). It was recently revealed and showcased about the mask on a famous YouTube channel. The mask has around 3 filtration layers and arrives with an option to link the ear loops behind the user’s head.

There are videos posted on platforms like YouTube which has showcased the packaging of apple masks. Each and every pack arrives with 5 sealed and reusable masks. The video has highlighted out that the mask has a 3-piece design which will allow the users to cover their faces over to the nose and a little under the chin. The strings seem to look stronger than a normal mask. Moreover, each and every mask originates with a clip useful to knot the mask behind the user’s head for a better fit.


Image from Apple


The video has also mentioned that each mask can be used up to five times (up to eight hours in usage). It should also be washed after every eight hours. Also, if you try to speak, the voice will come out to be more stifled which indicates a protected fit.

The company is offering additional protection for the face. It is called ClearMask. The company will give it to its employees. The mark is said to be the 1st FDA-cleared surgical mask. The mask is going to be completely see-through and It will help users having hearing-related problems communicate visually without having any hitch. The mega technology giant has joined the forces with Gallaudet University for developing the mask. For now, it is indistinct if the company has any plans regarding selling the Apple Mask, or the ClearMask, to people other than its employees.