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Lenovo Unveils Next-Gen AI Solutions and Advanced Liquid Cooling for Enterprises

Lenovo has launched comprehensive AI solutions for businesses, aimed at facilitating AI development and deployment through turnkey services, industry-specific solutions, and energy-efficient technologies. This expansion includes new services with NVIDIA via the Lenovo AI Center of Excellence, validated AI Innovator solutions, and the 6th generation Lenovo Neptune liquid cooling, designed to support AI-ready computing without compromising energy efficiency.

“We are excited to introduce these comprehensive enterprise AI solutions,” said Sumir Bhatia, President of AP, Lenovo ISG. “Our partnership with NVIDIA and AI Innovators is making AI accessible and practical for all businesses.” Lenovo’s new offerings are designed to help companies harness AI effectively, ensuring operational efficiency and sustainability.

Amit Luthra, MD – India, Lenovo ISG, added, “With 95% of Indian CIOs recognizing AI’s competitive advantage, our partnership with NVIDIA and the Lenovo AI Center of Excellence provides scalable AI solutions while ensuring energy efficiency and high performance.”

Lenovo’s third annual global CIO report highlights AI as the top priority for IT, but many organizations struggle with implementation. The Lenovo AI Services Center of Excellence (COE) offers five stages to guide businesses through their AI journey, combining business advisors, data scientists, and infrastructure to maximize outcomes.

The expansion includes new AI Advisory Services and AI Fast Start programs, enabling companies to scale AI quickly using full-stack NVIDIA solutions. Lenovo’s AI Innovator programs help businesses build live solution demos, running tailored use cases to prove solutions and get started immediately.

Lenovo’s portfolio of 165+ AI Innovator Solutions delivers outcomes across various sectors, including retail, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and smart cities. These solutions harness data for productivity, quality, and innovation.

Lenovo’s advanced liquid cooling technology, the 6th generation Lenovo Neptune, features more than 40 industry-first patents. It reduces power consumption by up to 40% compared to air-cooled systems and is now available for mainstream use throughout Lenovo’s ThinkSystem V3 and V4 portfolios.

Partnering with Digital Realty, Lenovo is implementing high-performance private AI solutions even for customers lacking the infrastructure for liquid cooling, addressing the challenges of high-density workloads presented by AI.

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