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Elon Musk plans to broadcast himself engaging in live video gaming as a bold move to showcase the capabilities of X

Elon Musk has hinted at the possibility of X/Twitter entering the streaming space and has announced plans to livestream himself playing video games on the platform. This potential move comes in the wake of Twitch, a major player in the streaming industry, introducing stricter guidelines and terms of service in June 2023. In response to a tweet suggesting that Twitter could disrupt Twitch, Musk had previously indicated interest in exploring streaming on X/Twitter.

On September 27, Musk shared his intention to test X’s livestream scaling by streaming himself engaging in video gaming around 11 pm CT. He expressed his plan to attempt a Tier 99 Nightmare dungeon speedrun on Diablo, clarifying that it would be a relatively quick completion for an amateur, and he asked followers to keep their expectations low.

While Musk’s announcement generated excitement among fans, he later had to postpone the livestream due to work commitments. The question of whether X/Twitter will officially enter the streaming space remains unanswered.





Elon Musk makes it easier for livestreamers to connect with people on X,  unveils feature similar to Twitch - India Today
Elon Musk makes it easier for livestreamers to connect with people on X, unveils feature similar to Twitch

The potential move into streaming by X/Twitter aligns with Musk’s previous comments about disrupting Twitch. Twitter has been actively exploring new features and offerings to enhance user engagement, and entering the streaming space could be a strategic move to attract a broader audience.

Twitch, a popular platform for live streaming, has been the go-to choice for gamers and content creators. However, Musk’s interest in exploring livestreaming on X/Twitter could introduce competition and provide users with an alternative platform for content consumption.

Livestreaming has become a significant part of the online content landscape, with platforms like Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming dominating the space. Musk’s foray into livestreaming could bring a new dynamic to the industry, especially given his influential presence and the large user base on X/Twitter.

The announcement to test X’s livestream scaling suggests that Musk is actively considering the technical aspects of incorporating livestreaming into the platform. This move could potentially open up new opportunities for content creators on X/Twitter and provide users with diverse content options beyond traditional tweets.

While Musk’s livestreaming plans are currently centered around video gaming, the broader implications of X/Twitter entering the streaming space could extend to various forms of content creation, including music, podcasts, and other live events.

The delay in Musk’s livestream indicates that the technical implementation and integration of livestreaming features on X/Twitter may require careful consideration. However, Musk’s ability to generate buzz and interest in such endeavors suggests that the platform could see increased engagement and user activity if livestreaming becomes a permanent feature.

In conclusion, Elon Musk’s hint at X/Twitter entering the streaming space and his plans to livestream video gaming represent a potential shift in the platform’s offerings. The move could introduce competition to established streaming platforms and provide users with an alternative space for consuming live content. While the livestreaming test was postponed, the interest and excitement generated by Musk’s announcement indicate a strong possibility of X/Twitter exploring new avenues for user engagement and content creation.

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