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Android Auto Experiencing Issues in Vehicles Due to Android 14 Update

Android Auto Faces Connectivity Issues in Wireless Mode After Android 14 Update

Android Auto, a widely used system that provides users with seamless access to their devices while driving, is encountering connectivity problems in wireless mode for certain users following the installation of the new Android 14 update. Numerous complaints have surfaced, particularly from Samsung Galaxy phone users who have recently updated to the Android 14-based One UI 6.0 version. Users of various Galaxy models, including the Galaxy S22+, Galaxy S22 Ultra, and the latest Galaxy S23 series, have reported issues with wireless Android Auto functionality.

According to user reports on Google forums, individuals are experiencing instability and, in some cases, a complete failure of Android Auto after the Android 14 update. While the problem persists in wireless mode, users have noted that connecting the phone via a cable still allows Android Auto to function correctly. The issue extends beyond Samsung devices, as some Pixel owners have reported similar problems after installing the December 2023 Android update.




Pixel Users Report Android Auto Issues after Android 14 Update
Pixel Users Report Android Auto Issues after Android 14 Update

Acknowledging the complaints, Google has yet to provide an update on when the Android Auto issue will be resolved. While the company is likely to release an expedited update to address the problem, it remains uncertain how quickly this solution will be implemented. Users are hopeful that Google will address the issue promptly, possibly through an out-of-cycle update, rather than waiting for Samsung’s next patch.

Android Auto has recently undergone a transformation, enhancing its capabilities to compete more effectively with Apple CarPlay, which also supports wireless functionality with iPhones. Users affected by the Android Auto connectivity problems are eagerly awaiting an official update from Google, and we will provide further information as soon as it becomes available.

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