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Displace Introduces Wireless TV With Gesture And Voice Controls

The ‘world’s first wireless TV’ was unveiled by Displace at CES, with the first devices delivering in December 2023.

The 55-inch Displace TV model is powered by batteries that Displace claims are interchangeable and long-lasting (around a month if you watch TV for six hours a day). The TV features a built-in suction pump system on the back, so wall installation is not necessary. This makes it possible to play almost anywhere, like on a window, for instance. Instead of a remote, the TV relies on gesture controls that are read by a camera at the top. The TV can also be operated by touching the screen or by using your voice.

A hidden processing machine provides content streaming to TV. The same box can be used to run numerous TVs, transmit material from one TV to another as you move between rooms, or combine multiple TVs into a single huge screen. A single TV costs $3,000, a pair costs $5,400, and a quartet costs $9,000 at retail. For 10% of the total cost, you can reserve copies right now. However, there were only 100 models in all that could be reserved, and a ship date of December 2023 was specified.

At CES, LG also unveiled a Wireless TV that used a comparable technique and is available in 97-inch, 83-inch, and 77-inch sizes. Pricing and more information are still to be disclosed.

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