Cost Benefit is Only the Tip of the Cloud Benefit Iceberg

Mr Ambarish Gupta, CEO and Co-Founder at Knowlarity Communications
Mr Ambarish Gupta, CEO and Co-Founder at Knowlarity Communications

Cloud telephony is not about lowering enterprise hardware/software cost or reducing salaries payable or managing running cost at manageable levels – it is more like a paradigm shift in business strategy toward a managed service environment allowing businesses to concentrate more on their core activities rather than dealing with a host of non core activities that have nothing to do with their actual business.

The cost benefit arising from cloud telephony is only the tip of the overall cloud telephony benefit iceberg. It is only one of the factors motivating enterprise move to cloud telephony.  Instead enterprises should be asking –

·        Will this service help me connect with incoming calls more quickly, improving my customer service?

·        Will it make me look more professional than my competitors?

·        How much can I streamline my systems and processes by moving to cloud telephony?

·        How quickly can I start selling and marketing my products online?

·        How quickly can I reach my employees on the field?     

Will it help me connect incoming calls more quickly…?

Yes. It will help you connect quickly to customers by routing calls according to some preset logic. Calls can be arranged to ring sequentially or in parallel. The customer service number at the front end of the operation distributes incoming calls, according to pre – set logic to floor agent number, hotel number outstation number, holiday number which goes a long way in ensuring uninterrupted service.

Will it make me look more professional …?

Businesses must learn how to make a good first impression on potential customers and what better way to do it than with professional call management inherent in any cloud telephony platform. All incoming calls are welcomed by a voice recorded by you and in the language of your choice ensuring quality conversations.

 How much can I streamline my systems and processes …?

Resources are scarce and hard to come by. Therefore, it is important to streamline systems and processes aimed toward better resource management. The cloud is leading the charge in streamlining systems and resources and cloud telephony has a big role to play in it by providing a centralized call management system.

How quickly can I start selling…?

There’s almost no lag time. A new branch can be opened remotely provided there’s good internet bandwidth in that area.  Rapid business deployment ensures the early mover advantage. The new branch can start selling right away by plugging comms into centralized cloud based call management system

How quickly can I reach employees in the field?

Employees can be reached in the field using existing bandwidth. Your mobile office goes wherever you go.  Calls can be routed to any hotel number, holiday number or outstation number. With missed caller alert employees can call back callers from any location.  

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