December 5, 2020

Computing Systems Research Roadmap for Joint Research Cooperation between India and Europe Announced

logoJPGBangalore, INDIA – November 6, 2013

The EU-India consortium led project “EUINCOOP” announces the successful completion of the ‘Computing Systems’ research roadmap process. The project aimed at  identifying key topics for EU-India cooperation in Computing Systems and proposes a joint funding mechanism.

In Sept 2011, EUINCOOP, an initiative funded by the European Commission under Framework Programme 7 (FP7) and executed by a  consortium of research institutes and technology consultant organizations, to stimulate and initiate research cooperation between India and Europe, was assumed with an objective to identify common research challenges through a ‘consensus building model’.

Led by the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH), a leading centre for research and development in Greece with many years of participation in EU-funded research, the EU-INCOOP consortium includes: European partners – The Open Group, a worldwide industry organization which has more than 300 members representing all the largest system and software vendors and KYOS, a Swiss consultancy specializing in advanced computing and networking technologies; and from India, ITSMA, an IT Association for SMEs; the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), the premier R&D organization of the Indian Department of Electronics and Information Technology and a leading centre for supercomputing in India; and the Indian Institute of Science, one of India’s top institutes for technology research and higher education with more than two thousand active researchers and a 100 years of research experience.

Through a series of structured workshops and interactive sessions between the best in class academia, industry and research institutes of Europe and India during the past 23 months, communication was established between leading researchers from both the regions. Thanks to the extensive sessions deliberated by the experts from the field the project is successful in framing a research roadmap identifying the key topics of research that could be jointly explored by both the regions to address the societal needs and applications on the terms of mutual benefit.  The participating experts included highly experienced and visionary academicians and industry heads from HiPEAC (Europe), TU Dortmund-Germany, IISc – Bangalore, Intel and  CDAC to name a few.

Software for big data, software for emerging platforms and green computing are the major areas that have been identified as the key topics for cooperation. With India leading the software scenario and Europe leading the research scenario in energy efficient parallel processors, multi core, and many core heterogeneous computing, experts opined that it would be perfect blend of topics that can complement the strengths of both the regions and would add value to the expertise of each region. The experts from India and Europe also commonly agreed that the future of next generation computing systems depended on a balanced approach towards hardware and software partition to develop energy efficient, faster processor speeds and scalable computing systems.

The project has disseminated its objectives in focussed conferences, workshops and seminars such as the HiPC- Bangalore, HiPEAC Europe, and ICT2013 Vilnius. The project intends to echo the excerpts of the research roadmap to the Indian funding agency, the department of Electronics and Information Technology (DIETY) and propose a joint funding mechanism with Europe as a culmination to the project.

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