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Xiaomi introduces Xiaomi HyperOS, a human-centric operating system, designed for connected personal devices in India

Xiaomi India has announced the roll-out calendar for the Xiaomi HyperOS – a human-centric operating system, designed for connected personal devices.

A Leap for Mobile operating systems

15 years ago, the tech landscape saw a pivotal shift from basic feature phones to smartphones, powered by emerging operating systems. Fast forward to 2024, with an estimated 7.1 billion smartphone users globally, and a new inflection point in consumer technology has now emerged.

With 600 million+ smart devices worldwide, Xiaomi is the largest connected smart device brand today. With this in mind, Xiaomi HyperOS has been designed for consumers who are now increasingly asking for interoperability and seamless interconnectivity between their different personal devices. The current fragmented OS landscape was never designed for the complexities of modern connected ecosystems.

For Xiaomi, with its diverse ecosystem of products, the challenge was even more unique with each device utilizing different connectivity mechanisms. Due to limited interoperability with products from other companies, there were also issues arising with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility.

A culmination of extensive research and development, Xiaomi HyperOS has been developed to set a new benchmark in the technology industry, which will redefine how users interact with their devices, providing a more intuitive, secure and enjoyable experience.

What is Xiaomi HyperOS?

After years of development, Xiaomi HyperOS is the largest reconstruction of Xiaomi’s OS subsystem. Its mission is to unify all ecosystem devices into a single, integrated system framework, deliver peak device performance, and ensure consistent user experience, to facilitate seamless connectivity across all devices.

The core of Xiaomi HyperOS also includes the self-developed Xiaomi Vela system. Its exceptional compatibility and precise system resource management capabilities enable every device to deliver ideal performance.

Xiaomi HyperOS improves overall performance through 3 key approaches:

  1. Comprehensive Refactoring

Xiaomi HyperOS is engineered for performance optimization with industry-leading kernel performance with faster processing speeds and minimal scheduling delays. By prioritizing system-level optimization to ensure maximum performance across all devices, Xiaomi HyperOS supports 200+ processor platforms, 20+ file systems, and 200+ hardware categories across smartphones, homes and car.

  1. Cross-Device Intelligent Connectivity

Interconnectivity is at the core of HyperOS. It facilitates more convenient and efficient cross-device connections, enabling seamless data syncing and file sharing between devices.

  1. Proactive Intelligence

With active intelligence embedded into Xiaomi HyperOS, users benefit from personalized recommendations and assistance tailored to their needs. Our AI algorithms ensure that users have access to the information and services they need when they need them

Key UI features of the Xiaomi HyperOS*

The interface has also been refreshed smartly to bring consumers a visually captivating and functionally stable experience. Some interesting new features on Xiaomi HyperOS-powered devices are:

  1. Alive Design Philosophy

From all-new lockscreens to redesigned icons and a Vitality Color System drawing inspiration from vibrant life colors, Xiaomi HyperOS brings significant enhancement to the phone’s visual appeal. The new UI font – Mi Sans, is supported across 600 languages, 20 writing systems, and over 100,000 glyphs, ensuring a visually captivating and functionally stable experience.

  1. Redesigned icons and attention to detail

With an all-new lock screen with multiple personalization options, users can choose between Classic, Rhombus, and Magazine effects, each offering thousands of combinations, or add depth with options to customize wallpapers, font text, date, and time style. System Apps has also been redesigned with softer, textured interfaces, making them easy on the eye and adding character.

  1. Xiaomi’s HyperConnect

Xiaomi’s HyperConnect introduces groundbreaking features that promise to transform collaboration and productivity across devices. Among the standout features are HomeScreen+, offering direct screen mirroring for a more immersive experience, and shared Clipboard, streamlining cross-device copying and pasting. The integration of the phone camera with the Notes app and the introduction of Productivity Mode further underscore Xiaomi’s commitment to redefining the way users collaborate and boost productivity.

With the Xiaomi Smart Hub, up to 7 devices can collaborate simultaneously, including earphones, tablets, smart lights, speakers and much more.

  1. Gallery AI

The advanced AI features in Xiaomi’s Gallery app, ensure fast and efficient photo editing while prioritizing user privacy. From AI Removal to AI Portrait and Generative AI Part, Xiaomi’s Gallery app empowers users to unleash their creativity. Gallery AI will be rolled out on select Xiaomi devices soon.

*these features will vary basis device

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