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PedalStart’s successful platform – The Founder’s War Room, is coming to Bangalore on 1st February 2024

  • More than 70 Founders’ War Rooms were conducted in the last 6 months across India with the participation of 1600+ founders
  • The meetups led to 500+ success stories of collaborations and partnerships
  • This unique platform connects visionaries and trailblazers from various industries to create a thriving ecosystem of shared knowledge and experiences

Gurugram-based renowned startup community-builder and accelerator PedalStart is bringing its ingenious platform, Founder’s War Room, exclusively to Bangalore. Founder’s War Room is an innovative gambit to bring together founders from diverse domains and backgrounds in a series of offline networking events. These inventive meetups connect visionaries and pioneers from various industries to create a thriving ecosystem of shared knowledge and experiences. The meetups seek to break down the barriers, address multiple and common challenges predominantly faced by startup entrepreneurs, and strengthen cross-industry collaboration. 

The meetup is all-inclusive, as it brings together founders from diverse backgrounds, industries, and stages of business development. The War Room will be initiated in Bangalore from 1st February 2024 to 29th February 2024. 400+ founders will be shortlisted from the ones who have applied after a rigorous shortlisting process. The shortlisting process includes screening, analyst call to understand, and a deep dive into the startup venture. The selected founders will get the RSVP from the PedalStart Team. Founders selected through this war room will have an opportunity to join PedalStart’s Exclusive Community and get handholding and mentorship from experts to build their venture and raise funds. 

Commenting on this initiative, the Co-Founders of PedalStart, Manas Pal and Aditya Darolia said, “Enabling an ecosystem for startup founders where they meet their fellow founders who have embarked on the journey to build up their dream was the vision behind launching the War Room. These free networking sessions provide a platform for these young guns to interact, brainstorm, and build business connections. Each founder is selected based on numerous criteria, making this meetup exclusive. We ensure that each founder entering this ingenious meetup leaves the room with something on their plate as participants get ample opportunities to build meaningful connections, exchange ideas, and collaborate on potential ventures. Today, we are tapping 20+ cities and building a community of thousands of founders who will make their mark and be the future of our country”. 
PedalStart has conducted more than 70 Founders’ War Rooms in the last 6 months in 20+ cities across India with the participation of 1600+ founders. The initiative led to 500+ success stories of collaborations and partnerships. This unique initiative is creating a widespread impact and has built a large and influential community of entrepreneurs. Scaling this to achieve new heights, PedalStart is  looking forward to inviting hundreds of founders into these war rooms in the coming days at the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore.

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