Can 5G Testing Cause Health Hazards Including Spread Of Corona?

Can 5G Testing Cause Health Hazards Including Spread Of Corona?

Can 5G Testing Cause Health Hazards Including Spread Of Corona? Detailed Report.

In the world of social media and instant messaging applications, news factual or fake spread like a jungle fire. India will soon have its 5G services but there is an array of misinformation already creating distress amongst the users. Many audio notes, messages are forwarded with a mention that 5G is causing series of health issues including the spread of corona. Let’s check some facts and learn from the expert if these claims are true.

Why 5G is important?

With the launch of 5G services, users will get 15X internet speed. The 5th generation Mobile Network could be used to connect machines, devices, medical devices, and objects virtually for improved performance. 5G comes with a promise of better speed, better connectivity, reliability, and lower latency.

5G will work as a stimulator for the economic growth of the country.

Radiation of 5G is causing the spread of corona?

A lot of rumors about health hazards caused by 5G testing are making rounds creating panic amongst the already stressed public. But experts believe that the radiation will not cause any damage as it works on non-ionizing radiation. On the worst, its prolonged usage may cause heating of the mobile devices. Apart from it, no significant health hazard has been reported. The radiation is also used for television, wireless, FM radio, etc.

On the other hand, radiations from x-rays and CT scans cause more damage.

What are ionizing and non-ionizing radiation?

There are two types of radiation viz. ionizing and Non-Ionizing radiation. X-ray and CT scan etc. use ionizing radiation, which can penetrate deep inside the body cells and is able to change its structure. Prolong exposure to such radiation can cause diseases like cancer. On the other hand, mobile handsets operate on non-ionizing radiation. It produces only heat. This cannot make any alteration in human body cells. 5G testing will also be on non-ionizing radiation.

Therefore we can conclude on the basis of existing pieces of evidence that the claims that 5G testing will cause many health hazards including the spread of corona are false.

The technology has already made its presence in many countries like the USA, China, Japan, South Korea, Estonia, Australia, Israel, etc and many are eagerly waiting for the launch of the 5G services. The service is most likely to be launched in India by December.

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