Cameron to announce India cyber co-operation

Cameron to announce a new joint task force to share information


British prime minister David Cameron is expected to announce more co-operation between his country and India on cyber security during the second day of his visit here.

According to BBC “It’s thought the talks with his counterpart in India could open opportunities for UK security firms.”

India is already one of the fastest-developing markets for cyber exports.

Cameron believes that the UK has a competitive and technological advantage from its expertise in tackling cyber attacks.

The prime minister said it was in Britain’s national interest to share that knowledge with India.

The aim would be to both protect the huge amount of British personal and commercial information that is stored in large databases in India, and to allow both countries to share information about planned cyber attacks, whether from criminals, terrorists or even other countries.

Cameron will announce a new joint task force to share information, when he meets Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Delhi.

In two years time there will be more people online in India than in the US and the potential threat to security is huge, officials said.

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