February 26, 2021

The mobile evolution: transparent cellphones up next

Advanced gen-next mobile phones are ready to step in the market. A Taiwanese company claims that they have developed a transparent mobile phone which will be available to the users by the end of this year.


Polytron Technologies, has already started marketing a transparent multi-touch phone. Its prototype uses ‘Switchable Glass technology’.

As per the sources it consists of conductive light-emitting diode and liquid crystal molecules are used to display images.

A milky composition is seen on screen when the phone is in off mode and text, icon and images re-appear when turned on. In order to flow electrical current transparent wires have been used for the same.

Sam Yu, general manager at Polytron said that it will be available by 2013 end and that the device was not completely transparent yet. Some non transparent material was still visible and those were the SD card, SIM Card, microphone, camera and battery.

On this non transparency issue, Sam Yu commented that they were under the process of developing a lithium ion battery which would be less noticeable and that the phone would have a dual side touch.

As per sources, the prototype is required to feature any software or operating system.

A transparent liquid crystal display is currently used by a Japanese company in its wristwatch but it had entered into a big mess in adding hardware to the smaller frame.

Paul Cooper, Tokyoflash marketing manager said that the challenge of using a transparent display in a wristwatch, and in other wearable technology, is that one needs to store the batteries somewhere else.