Baybot launches ‘Wet & Dry PetFeeder’ Smart Pet Tech Feeder Let Your Pets Rejoice

Mumbai-based convenience electronics company Baybot announces the official launch of yet another pet feeding product. Keep your pets delighted by automatically serving them both wet and dry food (also liquids like milk, water, supplements etc.) using Baybot’s Wet & Dry Pet Feeder. This smart app controlled 2 meal pet feeder ensures your pet(s) are served their meals well in time, each day, and whether you are at home or away. The new Pet Feeder will automatically dispense the desired portion of either (or both) wet and dry food according to your pet’s schedule.

Whether you have a pet or two, their meals are as important as it is to any family member. With the new Baybot Pet Feeder, you can now pamper your beloved pets with the choice of their favorite wet and/or dry meal or liquids of their choice like milk, water etc. The new smart pet feeder connects to your mobile app via bluetooth, is completely automatic, and can be controlled and scheduled using a simple smartphone app. You can connect either via Bluetooth to operate it while at home, or remotely via set schedule in the app when you are away.

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With two 355 ml (4.23 oz) food-safe bowls and two completely airtight covering lids, the Pet Feeder can store 2 meals for a single pet. The bowls have an air-tight lid to keep the food fresh throughout, the bowls can also maintain the food’s cold temperature with the use of icepacks provided with the feeder. Food is dispensed using automatic doors / lids which can be programmed via the app to serve the meals at desired times.

The food bowls are separate, large enough, and fully covered to prevent accidents during their playtime, and avoid dust and dirt from contaminating the food. The bowls and ice packs are very easy to remove, so cleaning & maintaining the Pet Feeder is very simple and easy. Lastly, the Pet Feeder is fitted with rubber anti-slip pads on the bottom to prevent it from moving or sliding around when your pet is busy feeding.

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The Baybot Pet Feeder is powered by 4 AA batteries provided with the feeder. This takes away your worry in case the external power failures, so your pets don’t have to go hungry till the power supply is restored or you get back home. The Pet Feeder also features an LCD display and touch buttons for instant manual operation.

Pricing —

The Baybot Wet & Dry Pet Feeder will be available for an MRP of Rs.8,999 on and, with a 12-month warranty period. It will be on sale for an introductory launch price of just Rs.6,749 (@25% Discount) for a limited period of time only.

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