Baybot launches ‘PetFeeder’ —Smart Wi-Fi Pet Food Dispenser

—Ensures your pet(s) are sufficiently fed in time, while you are at home or away—

Mumbai-based Baybot announces the launch of its second innovative IoT product in its pet technology range. Bring home the smart Baybot PetFeeder — a Dry Pet Food Dispenser that will ensure your pet(s) are automatically fed with the desired portion of food, always on time, while you are at home or away.

If you have a pet or two, feeding them well, and most importantly — on time is a big responsibility. Show your pets that you love and care for them by ensuring their meals are on time each day and every day. The Baybot PetFeeder is a simple yet intelligent gadget that dispenses pet food by schedule, so your pets never have to miss a timely meal, whether you are at home, at work, out shopping, or away for the weekend.

The Baybot Pet Feeder is a smart, battery-cum-USB-powered gadget featuring a large capacity 2.6-liter storage bin and a detachable feeding bowl meant for dry food only. The storage bin and feeding bowl are made from food-grade ABS plastic to ensure your pets are safe. The storage bin uses a silicone sealing ring and desiccant at the lid to ensure the pet food is always fresh with a double-locking design.

The PetFeeder can be powered-on by a simple switch, battery or USB power bank and the rest can be set up or configured using a mobile app. All you need to do is connect it to your home Wi-Fi, schedule the time and portion you need to dispense to your pet and leave the rest to Baybot’s intelligence. The PetFeeder will automatically dispense the right amount of feed at the right time.

When the feed time comes, an automatic motor dispenses the right amount of pet food. The Baybot PetFeeder is designed to guarantee your pet never goes hungry. The automatic motor & its rotating mechanism are designed with an anti-jam technology and smart auto-reverse system to prevent food blockage. The Baybot PetFeeder is also easy to clean. It employs a detachable and separable design so you can easily clean all parts of the Petfeeder for good hygiene.  

The PetFeeder also triggers a low food alert notification on the app along with a red LED indicator on the device. So, whether you are at home, at work, heading home late, out partying, or simply on a short weekend trip, the Baybot PetFeeder will take care of your pet’s meals.

Pricing —

The Baybot PetFeeder (Dry) will be available for Rs 8,299 on and, with a 12-month warranty period.

About Baybot:

The Future is Connected – Connected Devices that is! And using this driving force, we decided to add intelligence to our everyday devices to make them connected. With over a decade of working with low voltage electronic systems, our experience has helped us create a completely new segment which we fondly call – Convenience Electronics. Connected Devices demonstrate limitless possibilities, and we want everyone to have the Convenience to control them.  Simply put – Convenience of controlling them with an App, Convenience to Command them by Voice, Convenience to Control them from Anywhere, Convenience to Program them with Multiple Functions, and lastly, Convenience of Real-Time Actions with useful Data Feedback. And that’s our Brand Promise – Connected & Convenience.

Welcome to a new Hyper-Connected world. Welcome to a new world of Convenience Electronics. Welcome to Baybot – The Convenience Electronics Company.

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