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Asus launched a new series of laptops in India

Asus has recently launched a variety of laptops. It is given a name as “expertbook” and “expertcentre”. The laptops are designed in such a way that can meet the level of your expectation. Under the expertbook, there is a good number of laptops in it. These are P1, P2 & B9 series.

Expertbook P1 –
• Its starting price is INR 25323
• Comes in 4 models
• 10th gen intel core i5
• HDMI output
• USB 2-point O type-a port
• Micro SD card reader

Expertbook P2 –
• Its starting price is INR 58967
• 10th gen intel core
• Weighs 1.6 KG
• Screen size of 14-inch, complete HD
• Has fingerprint sensor

Expertbook B9 –
• It’s starting price is INR 102228
• Weighs less than a kg
• Has a thickness of 14.9 millimeters has a screen size of fourteen-inch
• 10th gen intel core
• Has sixteen GB RAM
• Has an audio system supported by Alexa


Also, under expertcentre, there is a vast number of choices available for your personal needs. These are D3, D6 & D8 desktop.

Expertcentre D3 – It’s starting price is INR 27429
• Ninth generation intel core i5 processor
• Has an in-built feature related to security

Expertcentre D6 – It’s starting price is INR 29669. Same like expertcentre D3 but
• Has DDR4 RAM
• Has professional graphic card backing

Expertcentre D8 – It’s starting price is INR 55429
• Intel Q370
• Ninth generation intel core VPro processor
• Has DDR4 RAM

Other than laptops, ASUS is also introducing all-in-1 personal computers in India. They currently amount to 2. The 2 PCs are different in terms of their structure as well as pricing.

• ASUS V22FA – It has a screen size of about twenty-two inches. It has an ultra-thin nano edge HD display with dual storage space. It comes with 8GB of DDR4 RAM. It’s starting price is INR 25389.

• ASUS V241F4 – It has a screen size of about twenty-three-point eight inches. It has the same display as ASUS V22FA but has an eighty-eight percent screen-to-body ratio. The visuals are much vibrant than the former. Plus, the audio systems are of Sonic master. It’s starting price is INR 58466.