A new and enormous campaign for voting in the presidential election has been initiated by Facebook. This initiative was taken so that the American citizens can go to the computer-generated voting centers.

With the help of this, Facebook has been proving as an accountable player in the field of social media. It has been so helpful as by now it has registered around 2.5 million votes from the people. Also, Facebook is urging its users not to spread any wrong or invalid information on the platform as people are prone to follow it and can lead to a ruckus.

Another thing that Facebook has done that, since the beginning of September; is not sharing any new political advertisements for the elections (which is to be held on 3rd November). With these latest initiatives, Facebook is showing that important days like these don’t need to be a place of huge disinformation instead of a place of knowing what is right for us.


By encouraging the citizens of the United States, Facebook will spread awareness and people will be able to know how to register their votes via mail, etc and how can they become a volunteer at polling counters during election days. This campaign will start on Monday.

The marketing for the operation will be done on various most-watched US tv channels.

Also, a program called “Vote-a-Thon” is being deliberated by the Silicon Valley Giant. It will allow icons or public figures to urge their fans to go and vote for their respective candidates.

Facebook’s initiative has been a major success as about thirty-nine million people have been able to visit the centers after looking at it on IG and Facebook.