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“ASUS Enhances B2B Market Strategy and Product Support: Insights from Vinay Shetty”

  1. IT Voice- How does ASUS support dealers and distributors in marketing and promoting the ASUS monitor series to B2B clients?

Vinay Shetty- We support our partners to market our products through a variety of comprehensive strategies. These include providing detailed product brochures, high-resolution images, and case studies that highlight our monitors’ features and benefits. Additionally, we collaborate with partners and distributors by conducting training programs and webinars to educate sales teams.

2. IT Voice- What mechanisms does ASUS have in place to gather feedback from dealers and distributors regarding the ASUS monitor series, and how does it use this feedback to improve product offerings and support services? Could you provide insights into the after-sales support and warranty services that ASUS offers to dealers and distributors to assist them in servicing B2B clients who purchase the ASUS monitor series?

Vinay Shetty- We gather feedback from our partners through regular surveys, feedback forms and direct communication channels, such as partner meetings and dedicated account managers. We use this feedback to gauge the reception of our products and refine them to bring out better versions and enhance support services so that we are aligned with the market needs. Our after-sales support includes dedicated technical support teams, comprehensive warranty programs, and an efficient RMA process for swift returns and replacements, which comes in handy for our dealers and distributors to recommend ASUS monitors and other products to B2B clients.

3. IT Voice- What are the standout features and performance specifications of the latest ASUS monitor series, and how do they cater to the needs of gamers and enthusiasts alike? 

Vinay Shetty- We believe one size does not fit all and that is why we have different series of monitors for gamers and professionals. Our ROG and TUF Gaming lineup caters to gamers who want a panel with a faster refresh rate and features like extreme low motion blur, NVIDIA G-SYNC or AMD FreeSync compatibility, Shadow Boost and more that will elevate their gaming experience. Our ProArt line offers creative professionals monitors with factory-calibrated accurate colors, wide color gamut and features that are crucial for their day-to-day work. 

4. IT Voice- Can you discuss the role of System Integrators (SIs) in providing recommendations and guidance to enterprise clients on selecting the most suitable ASUS monitor models based on their specific use cases, budget constraints, and performance requirements?

Vinay Shetty- We work closely with System Integrators (SIs) because they play a vital role in helping clients by assessing their needs, specific use cases, budget constraints and performance requirements. SIs also assist with installation and setup, provide training, and offer ongoing support, ensuring our ASUS monitors are integrated seamlessly and deliver optimal performance.

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