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Astrum expands its health category with the launch of Infrared Thermometer GF-Z99Y in India

Astrum, a renowned technology brand known for its new innovation and intelligent solution expands its health category with the launch of infrared thermometer to reduce potential spread of diseases, boosting non-contact technique to maintains hygiene.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Manoj Kumar Pansari, Chairman and Managing Director, Astrum said, “At the time of pandemic, not just hospitals but Airports, Railway stations, Office, Schools and Malls at large need to keep a routine check of temperatures as a precautionary measure to help avoid the spread of the Coronavirus. Keeping the scenario in mind, we have launched this product with non-contact operation and ultra-fast results that will adequately serve the purpose and more.” 

This versatile thermometer is a simple to use and safe to measure temperature of any human body and hard surface from a distance of 3cm-5cm (max). This U.S FDA and CE cleared IR thermometer is intended for hospitals, airports, railway stations, offices, schools, Malls, for home and personal use. Once the laser is aimed at target, the temperature will be shown on the LCD display range between 32°C – 43°C, that shows 32° – 37°C in green display, 37° – 38°C in yellow display and 38° – 43°C in red color display detecting ALERT sign.

With fast measuring reaction of 1 sec, Astrum infrared thermometer can store up to 100 records at once. Simply hold the device after setting in body or surface mo it at a distance of 3 to 5 cm away from the object or person by changing the setting in body or surface mode to measure temperature from forehead or behind the earlobe and then press the trigger to activate instrument. This product is used as a reference for fever and hard surface screening and cannot be used for medical identification. However, use of this thermometer is not intended as a substitute for consultation with a health care professional.

The infrared thermometer GF-Z99Y comes with 1 year warranty and is already available online on Amazon India at special discount priced at Rs. 3,499

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