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AI Software Aids Delhi Police in Solving Man’s Murder, Guides Them to Perpetrators

AI Software Aids Delhi Police in Solving Murder Case and Identifying Victim’s Kin

On January 10, the Delhi Police faced a challenging case of identifying a man in his late 30s who was found dead with strangulation marks near the Geeta Colony flyover. Lacking an ID card, the police turned to AI software to crack the case and ultimately apprehend the perpetrators.

Initially, DCP (North) Manoj Kumar Meena formed a 30-member team to post notices in various areas and police stations for potential identification, resulting in about 2,000 notices being distributed at ISBTs, railway stations, parks, and police stations.



How AI software helped Delhi cops crack man's murder, led them to his  killers | Delhi News - The Indian Express
How AI software helped Delhi cops crack man’s murder, led them to his killers | Delhi News

Facing difficulties due to the changing appearance of the deceased over time, the police decided to make alterations to the victim’s face and reprinted his picture. Using in-house software tools, the North district police created a new photo of the victim with enhanced features, including open eyes, brightened lips, and a face restructured to its possible original form. They also added background elements to the photo and redistributed the notices with the updated image.

On January 14, the man’s family, visiting the Chhawla police station to file a missing report, identified him from the distributed notices. The deceased was identified as Hitender (35), a resident of Daulatpur village.

Hitender’s brother, Rahul, informed the police that Hitender worked at an audit firm and had left home on January 2. His phone became unreachable on January 9, prompting the family to report him missing. Investigations revealed that Hitender was last seen with three individuals—James, Rocky, and a woman—on January 9. There was also a financial dispute between James and Hitender.

Following further inquiries and a post-mortem, it was determined that Hitender died of strangulation. The police registered a murder case and, after raids, arrested three individuals—Paramveer Singh alias James (32), Harneet Singh alias Rocky (35), and Priyanka alias Annie (27).

During interrogation, the accused revealed that the incident occurred on the night of January 9 and 10. A month prior, the deceased had insulted Paramveer, creating resentment. Paramveer devised a plan to take Hitender to his rented flat, where they offered him liquor before strangling him with a bedsheet. The trio then disposed of the body in the park.

Hitender left behind a wife and son.

This case underscores the effective use of AI software by the Delhi Police, similar to a previous incident in March where they solved the murder of a 23-year-old man, Raj Kumar, using AI. The technology helped identify irregularities in facial features, leading to the successful resolution of the case and the arrest of the culprits.

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